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Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System

Listed in Tattoo Removal Cream, Worldwide

Description: Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System Get rid of unwanted tattoos from the comfort of your own home with the Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System. Thanks to the unique two-step microdermabrasion tattoo system, you don’t have to live with bad body art. First, use the handheld device to gently exfoliate your skin. Next, use the serum to help speed up your skin’s cell renewal process. Use the tattoo removal system just nine minutes a week to fade tattoos for good. The microdermabrasion tattoo system requires no laser burning and is convenient and time-saving way to get rid of unwanted body art. The Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fade System contains a microdermabrasion applicator, one erosion head, one 2 oz suffusion gel, one 2 oz hydravescent cream, one 0.20 oz branding butter concealer and two AA batteries. Wrecking Balm Microdermabrasion Tattoo Fade System: Effective tattoo removal Fades unwanted body art/tattoos No laser burning Convenient Time-saving, only nine minutes per week Includes: One microdermabrasion applicator One erosion head One 2 oz suffusion gel One 2 oz hydravescent cream One 0.20 oz branding butter concealer Two AA batteries Fast USA Delivery! Only $99.99 Today!   Follow Us Follow Us Read more...

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Laser Dermatology

Listed in Australia

+613 9890 1844

503 Elgar Rd Box Hill Victoria Australia

Description: Laser Dermatology is Australia’s premier laser tattoo removal service with over 21 years experience. The practice is headed up by specialist dermatologist Dr Philip Bekhor who is also the Director at the Laser Unit, Department of Dermatology, Royal Children’s Hospital, Parkville. In 1982, Dr Bekhor was the first dermatologist in Victoria to use lasers in the management of birthmarks. To this day, he and his staff still pioneer the use of first grade technology in Australia. Laser Dermatology was the first practice to purchase the PicoSure laser, which has brought about tremendous results in removing green and blue ink tattoos, reducing the amount of treatments you need. Additional lasers on site include the Revlite Q-switched YAG and Sinon Ruby. You only have one skin, so make sure you choose an experienced medical clinic for your laser treatment. We provide free consultations, excellent service and have countless before and after shots from our happy customers. Why not call us today on 1800-LASERS. Brand new-looking skin is within your reach. Follow Us Follow Us Read more...

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Bare Again Laser Tattoo Removal

Listed in Worldwide


1/110 Hutt Street, Adelaide 5000 SA

Description: Bare Again is proud to bring the first and only Picosure laser to Adelaide. For complete tattoo removal or fading with fewer treatments and less discomfort! Picosure represents a quantum leap forward in laser tattoo removal technology. Whether you desire complete removal or simply fading to allow new art to be done, choosing Picosure ensures; – Better results – Fewer treatments – Less discomfort – Lower overall costs Our clinic prides itself on providing high quality treatment and satisfying results, with our laser treatments being provided by a Registered Nurse. The Picosure Laser differs from all other lasers on the market in that it uses picosecond rather than nanosecond pulses. A picosecond is 100 times shorter than the nanosecond pulses used by lasers such as the Q-switched Nd: YAG and Ruby lasers. For further benefits of this leading technology, see our website or contact our clinic Follow Us Follow Us Read more...


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Laser Tattoo Removal Scotland

Listed in UK


70 North street, Leven, Fife, United Kingdom

Description: Expert Laser tattoo Removal by Ky “Thor” Thomasson-Kay Founding member of MALTS. Master Association of Laser Technicians Scotland Treatments from £10 to £60 depending on size of tattoo. Custom Laser Studio, free consultations and free patch testing. Laser Ky gets the results you desire. Follow Us Follow Us Read more...

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Nighthawk Tattoo and Gallery

Listed in Canada

519 767-0801

951 Gordon St Guelph, ON N1G 4S1

Description: Established in 1992, Nighthawk Tattoo and gallery is proud to be the City of Guelph’s premiere tattoo and piercing studio, and has proven over the last two decades to be one of the most popular body art studios in Southern Ontario. Nighthawk Tattoo offers professional tattooing and body piercing in an atmosphere that is both friendly and welcoming. Tattoos by Laurie Stewart or Mac Young are by appointment only. Piercings by Mark McAlpine are done on a walk in basis. Gift certificates in any amount for tattoos or piercings are available for purchase at the shop. Nighthawk Tattoo also offers professional tattoo removal. Whatever your reason to remove your tattoo (to make room for new work, to erase that youthful mistake, etc) we offer safe, simple and effective laser ink removal with our expertly trained Laser Technician, Sally Watson, and with the latest in laser technology. Visit Zap A Tattoo’s Facebook Page here for more information. Follow Us Follow Us Read more...

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Ink Affliction

Listed in Wisconsin

262 637-8287

4106 Spring Street, Racine, WI 53405

Description: Laser Tattoo Removal by our Certified laser tech: Natalie Abbott! Call today for your FREE consultation. We have great package deals and military discounts! 262 637-8287 Follow Us Follow Us Read more...

Tattoo removal complete immediately after last treatment. Raised areas will go down.

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Salon Innovation

Listed in Florida


Dominica Drive, Kingston, Jamaica

Description: Salon Innovation is a full service Beauty Salon in Kingston Jamaica that offers in addition to Hair, Nail and Spa Services, also offers Body Piercing, Permanent Makeup, Tattoos and Tattoo Removal by Laser. We have two branches, New Kingston & Liguanea, and have been operating for over 27 years. We only do Tattoo Removal at our New Kingston location and we have been offering this service for about 6 years. Follow Us Follow Us Read more...

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